Transman Bottom Growth and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Transman Bottom Growth and Hormone Replacement Therapy
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In some cases, a transman bottom growth isn’t a problem, but it’s not uncommon for transmen to experience voice quality issues. These problems are often caused by a hormonal imbalance and may not be easily corrected. Thankfully, there are many treatments available that will address these concerns and help the transman regain his confidence. A common treatment option for trans men is testosterone therapy, and it has become increasingly popular for those who are unhappy with the way their bodies look or feel.

One of the effects of hormone replacement therapy is bottom growth. The clitoris will typically grow one to two inches, and the clitoris will increase about an inch or so. However, some people don’t like the side effects of systemic testosterone, and opt for a topical version of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A doctor can prescribe DHT to trans men to help them with the symptoms associated with testosterone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Transman Bottom Growth

In some cases, a transman may wish to use a transsexual toilet because of his bottom growth. He will need to use a standing device to make it easier to reach the toilet. Several treatments are available. Most of these treatments involve prescription medication, which can be very expensive. Alternatively, he may choose to undergo a surgery. Although the procedure is controversial, it is still recommended by many doctors. It’s an effective way to achieve a flat chest.

While hormone replacement therapy can cause bottom growth in transmen, there are several methods that can minimize its effects. Some men don’t want the systemic effects of testosterone and use a topical form of testosterone, known as DHT. Taking DHT as a supplement can help prevent some of the side effects of the treatment. While DHT is not a replacement for hormones, it can help transmen improve their appearance and sexual health.

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Transman Bottom Growth and Hormone Replacement Therapy
Bottom Growth

Another common option is using specialty binders to sculpt the chest area. These binders are safe for use on the chest tissue and don’t restrict breathing. Some men prefer a topical form of testosterone to avoid the side effects. If you are a transman who is considering hormone replacement, you should talk to your doctor before using any kind of medication. It is vital to ensure that you consult with a doctor regarding the risks of this treatment, as the doctor can prescribe DHT for you.

For some men, the growth of the clitoris does not affect their ability to use the bathroom. The urethra stays the same size, but the clitoris grows. As a result, men must wear a standing device in order to use the restroom. This may not be a problem for everyone, but it should be considered if a trans man has a large bottom. If the binders are not too tight, they can cause chafing.


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