The First Sign of Transgender Ftm Bottom Growth

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The first sign of transgender ftm bottom growth is a sudden increase in bottom size. This is a normal part of transition, and may begin in a couple of months and peak within one to three years, depending on the dosage of testosterone. Some people may experience itching, burning, and pressure while using the products, but these symptoms typically fade after about six months. There may also be vocal changes.

The First Sign of Transgender Ftm Bottom Growth

Transgender men can expect to have significant bottom growth after taking hormone replacement therapy. This is a change in the clitoris that occurs during the transition. The clitoris will enlarge and the walls of the vagina will become thinner and more prominent. Often, bottom growth is associated with decreased libido, an enlarged scrotum, and sexual dysfunction.

Trans men can also experience bottom growth following hormone replacement therapy. The clitoris will become larger and the walls of the vagina will become thinner. During the transition, a woman’s clitoris will enlarge and the vagina will become dry and sensitive. This can lead to increased risk of sexual dysfunction. Nevertheless, it can be a welcome change for many transgender people.

The first sign of transgender ftm bottom growth is a sudden increase in the size of the clitoris. Most clinical resources state that it takes between three and six months for top growth to become apparent. Patients who are on testosterone replacement therapy may experience mild to moderate discomfort or hotness for a few months to a year after treatment. However, this discomfort does not last forever and can be a positive aspect for the person who has chosen the surgery.

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The First Sign of Transgender Ftm Bottom Growth

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The first change a transgender ftm patient will notice is bottom growth. The changes are often gradual and can be noticeable as soon as six months after starting the therapy. A transgender man’s bottom growth may also be sensitive to different factors, such as the temperature of the vagina. A man’s clitoris can be sensitive to pressure, hot, or itchiness. While these sensations are usually minor, they are still important and should be monitored to avoid developing sexual dysfunction.

The clitoris of a transgender man may grow significantly after starting hormone replacement therapy. This change is known as clitoromegaly, and it affects the walls of the vagina. During the transition, bottom growth is usually accompanied by decreased libido, enlarged scrotum, and dryness of the vagina. The changes can be dangerous, and patients should talk to their doctor about potential side effects and potential risks.



Bottom growth, or the changing shape and size of the labia and clitoris, is typically one of the first effects trans people experience during.

Bottom growth looks like a very small pens w/o the urethra opening that is still attached to the body from the under side by a little bit of skin.

The standard advice is that bottom growth is not reversible once it starts.

You can use a clitoral pump to increase the size of bottom growth. Pumps can be used before starting T or while on T

Some people experience growing pains, but that's not true for everyone.

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