How Does FtM Bottom Growth Progress

How Does FtM Bottom Growth Progress
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FTM Bottom Growth Progress, If you’re looking for a new penis and are having problems achieving the desired size, you can try the FtM bottom growth procedure. This type of surgery reconstructs the genitals to match the person’s gender, and results in a larger penis. This process is performed on transgender people in a surgical setting. The process is very safe, and the results are usually impressive.

The changes you can expect are that your clitoris gets bigger, your vaginal walls become thinner, and you may notice that your genitals are drier. This process is also known as clitoromegaly. While “bottom growth” may not sound like the ideal term to describe this change, it is an accurate description of how a trans person’s genitals will change.

FtM Bottom Growth Timeline

The first noticeable change will be your clitoris getting bigger. Your vaginal walls will also become thinner. Things will be drier down there. Some clinical resources say that it usually takes around three to five years to achieve maximum growth, but this will depend on the dosage of testosterone you’re taking. Some people will experience bottom growth sensitivity; it can feel hot, pressured, itchy, or hard all the time. In a recent study, the discomfort was resolved after six months.

FTM Bottom Growth Timeline Pictures

How Does FtM Bottom Growth Progress
bottom growth timeline

You’ll also notice that your clitoris gets larger, and your vaginal walls become thinner. You might also notice that your clitoris is more sensitive. You may feel dry and scaly, and things will be drier down there. As the growth continues, your vaginal walls will continue to get thinner, and your clitoris will continue to get bigger. In addition, the vaginal walls will be more flexible and softer.

Your first change will be your clitoris getting bigger and your vaginal walls getting thinner. It will be drier and the things will get a little drier down there. As your ftm bottom growth progresses, you will experience an increased sensation of pressure in your clitoris. Your vaginal wall will also be drier than usual. Depending on the dosage, your ftm bottom growth can take a couple of years to reach its maximum size.

You may experience some discomfort with your ftm bottom growth. Your clitoris will get bigger and the walls of your vagina will thin. You may even feel that things are drier down there. It’s important to know that you will have to be patient during the process and that there’s no way you can stop the growth. Just like in your life, the progress will come. The best way to deal with it is to be open-minded and accept the process.

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